Our AR/VR/XR solutions take you to an unprecedented level of efficiency
Why eXtend Reality
and step out into the world's digital copy
XR is a term combining AR, VR and MR (mixed reality). Depending on your industry these solutions help you study more efficiently, train practical skills in otherwise hazardous environments, mitigate risk, experience a design before it gets implemented and present your vision not with words but by taking people there.
Petroleum and Chemical
Introduce new equipment, provide facility overviews for novices, conduct emergency response training in XR
Design and Manufacturing
Review designs, virtually commission new production lines, conduct operational training in XR
Urban and Real Estate
Present urban plans, quickly review optional designs, verify solutions or simply dazzle your investors by immersing them into a new city or quarter in XR

Introduce new equipment and train novices

Introducing new equipment to operational personnel can be painful and expensive. Instead of allocating a physical instance we create a XR copy with an added bonus of visualizing internal processes. Same benefits apply to novice training - instead of experimenting and potentially damaging an expensive device, let them build their skill with its benign XR twin.

Train for emergency response, maintenance and operations

Emergencies are rare in life and hard to reproduce in class, the more important it is to know what to do and not to panic. This dilemma is solved by a XR based immersive training. MRO tasks deserve preparation in equal measure. XR MRO training helps retain knowledge and practical skills, present the trainee with plenty of supplemental information and tracks training progress by integrating XR courses with the company's LMS.

Immersively review urban plans

Architects can think in masterplans but investors can't. Take your peers and investors into the future by showcasing your new city, highrise tower or condominium in XR. There is nothing more convincing than a walk on the promenade or a tour into the sunset over the gleaming glass surface of the futuristic buildings. Do it all in an immersive way with XR. We are here to help with that.
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